What is Digital Fluency

What is digital fluency? Fluency is being able to efficiently engage in tasks such as language, properly using a computer, or “flow.” Technology is becoming a major tool in order to connect with people. Communication requires us to engage in writing, reading, or speaking. According to Eric Stoller, the Student Affairs and Technology blogger for Inside Higher Ed, having a digital identity is an important component when becoming digitally fluent.

You are required to possess some of these skills in order to be successful in schooling or employment. The understanding of these things determine how fluent you really are.  The knowledge of these skills are very beneficial.  Digital fluency isn’t solely based on technology, but the ways that we engage in ideas and understand how to communicate. When one becomes digitally fluent, they can become more engaged in activities and complex ideas. It is widely used by students for entertainment, and communication purposes.

Digital fluency can be described as the following:

  • Digital efficiency: The understanding of technology and systems.
  • Communication Skills: being able to actively engage in discussions while communicating with others effectively.
  • Digital Literacy: Ability to effectively use information and technology to create, and communicating in technological ways.

Literacy is very important when discussing technology. Digital literacy requires gaining knowledge to create. In order to be fluent, you must surpass the basic level of skill. When someone is digitally literate, they can follow instructions in order to send files online. A digitally fluent individual can create more independently and efficiently with others. Digital fluency is utilized worldwide at an educational level. This helps students learn about the advancement of technologies in the workplace.

ICT has become a necessity for being successful in many jobs. Digital teaching is expected in education due to technology’s impact. With this being said, It places a great responsibility for teachers to effectively prepare student for the digital age. They also must stay up to date with new digital changes to remain fluent. Becoming digitally fluent is possible by having a good education, learning technology, and having a total understanding of what it actually means. In conclusion, digitally fluency is needed for almost everything. With the way that technology is advancing, we must conform and adapt to society.


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